Our Management Team

Marketing Manager

Gursharan Suman

To Gursharan, Threads is an amazing opportunity to connect with the community and have a chance to promote sustainable products. Gursharan is grateful that she was given the opportunity to work with Threads and she hopes that she will be able to help with the success of this brand. Gursharan is an outgoing and approachable person who’s passionate about Threads. She got into Threads with the mindset of selling amazing products and being a part of the Thompson Threads team. Gursharan’s strengths for online marketing is that she is active on social media, and she can promote Thompson Threads on her social media. Gursharan is passionate about Threads and their mission to sell sustainable clothing and make a difference in the community. 

Sales Manager

Nathan Manuel

Threads, Thompson Threads is a business Nathan feels passionate about. He’s worked on it last year and hopes to make the business flourish and get others more passionate about threads. Nathan wants to help the business turn on a profit and see more students wearing Thompson Threads clothing, so he can feel satisfied that his work has gone to a good cause. Nathan first got into Threads after being in the E-Commerce 12 class in 2020. He felt passionate about the project because his class wouldn’t be running the Trojan Market. He realized that he enjoyed talking to others and pitching his ideas and that is why he joined again this year to work in sales. Online marketing lets him contact all potential customers. Unlike physical marketing, online marketing is cheaper than physical marketing and doesn’t require as much work. Nathan is also passionate about business; he enjoys working and learning new concepts about the business world so he can further pursue business in post-secondary.

Operations Manager

Jagraj Lalli

Threads to Jagraj Is an opportunity. Here he can prove himself reliable, hardworking, and a great leader. Jagraj likes to keep all his customers happy and ensure full customer satisfaction. Starting a job at 14 years old, Jagraj has always been hands on with everything he does. Threads was introduced to him through classmates, and it became something he was passionate to learn more about. Some strengths Jagraj has include leadership skills, communication skills, being flexible, he also loves taking on challenges. Growing up in a family of farmers and businessmen, hard work and marketing is something Jagraj has great knowledge in. He looks forward to giving Threads his all to make this brand the best it can be.

Our Student Collaborators

Marketing – Chase Yu-Ng, Hung Dau, Jake Vandenburg, Jerushan Nishanthan, Marcus Chung, Patrick Poon, Sabrina Chen, Sandi Sabri, Sujitha Kalagendran, Tiffany Lau, Yuvraj Wason

Sales – Akshayan Mahendran, Eric Mak, Gurpreet Bhatti, Joanna Guan, John Todio, Nyomi Nguygen, Selina Wu, Thyra Tamubyat, Thushara Suthakaran, Zoey Hou

Operations – Gurleen Bagga, Herman Zhou, Jay-Marc Gaddi, Jeslyn Ma, Kylie Seto