Frequently Asked Questions and Answers: 

Q: What is the return policy?
A: Returns and exchanges are possible only with manufacturing defects. You have 30 days to report an issue either by sending a photo and explanation through email at hello(at)thompsonthreads.ca. Due to COVID-19 safety protocols we cannot accept returns.

Q: Are there refunds?
A: No. Due to COVID-19 safefy protocols we cannot accept returns unless there is a manufacturing defect. In these cases we will exchange the item.

Q: Where can I give feedback or ask a question?
A: Feel free to email us hello(at)thompsonthreads.ca

Q: Where are all the profits going?
A: We are a non-profit initiative, so all profits will be given back to school community. A funding committee composed of students, staff, and administration will determine the allocation of the funds. Our initial proposal is to gift each of the David Thompson School departments and then fund student projects that build community. We are also looking at directly funding the Food Drive for Thompson families in dire need due to the pandemic; we are thinking this will come first.

Q: Explain your slogan?
A: Our first t-shirt slogan is “Pulling through together.” We want to help and support everyone in these unprecedented times and we want everyone to know that we are in this together, hence the name, “Pulling through together.”  Together we will get through this and emerge stronger and more united on the other side.

Q: Where did you get the name “Threads”?
A: It was a brilliant stroke of inspiration and student collaboration. We all fell in love with the idea of this name, and its double meaning. “Threads” is a cool, informal name for apparel. And “Threads” connect things together, which is our main goal and mission.

Q: How and where do I pay for my order?
A: Each product page has a “Click HERE”. Select this link which will take you to SchoolCashOnline. There you can choose your garment size and pay using a credit or debit card.

Q: Why was Threads created?
A: To bring more school spirit, connect everybody together, and to give back to our school community.

Q: Is everything sustainable?
A: Yes! We make sure to work with manufacturers who are environmentally friendly, and use all sustainable materials. Our garments are made from sustainably grown cotton and recycled polyester printed with eco-friendly water-based screen printing practices.

Q: What sizes do you offer?
A: We offer sizes ranging from XS-4XL.

Q: How do pre-orders work? When is my order considered “placed?”
A: Your order will be placed once we reach a minimum of 24 units for this style (refer to progress thermometer and tell your friends to buy!). Once the 24 minimum is reached, your order will take approximately 3 weeks to arrive.

Q: When will orders arrive?
A: Orders will arrive approximately 3 weeks after order placement. Email updates will keep you abreast of estimated time of arrival.

Q: How will I get my order?
A: Garments will be delivered to classrooms by our student delivery team. Otherwise, a pop-up delivery table will be set-up in the cafeteria as needed.

Q: Who can order?
A: Any student, parent or staff member at David Thompson Secondary School is welcome to order! Due to COVID-19, we are only able to deliver to designated classrooms so the customer must be at David Thompson for delivery. Customers outside of the school will need to coordinate pick-up with our team. Please email hello(at)thompsonthreads.ca to arrange pick-up.

Q: Will proper COVID-19 Protocols be taken?
A: Yes. Safety and cleanliness is very important to us, so merchandize and packaging will be handled by masked and gloved staff members. Small teams of socially distanced, masked and gloved delivery students will deliver the product to classrooms.